Johnson Picks Iowa State

Johnson Picks Iowa State

The good times just keep rolling for Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads. Less than 24 hours after winning the Insight Bowl, Rhoads received a phone call from Deland (FL) High School running back Shontrelle Johnson telling him that he wanted to play for Iowa State. Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with the newest member of the 2010 recruiting class.

Cyclone Sports Report: How did you go about committing to Iowa State today?

Shontrelle Johnson: I called Coach Pope and talked to him early today and then he put Coach Rhoads on and he got real excited. He told me that 2010 was already a great year because he was getting to celebrate the bowl win and now he was able to finalize my commitment.

Cyclone Sports Report: What led to your commitment to Iowa State today?

Shontrelle Johnson: I just knew it was time to end things and Iowa State has been with me since day one and I just really liked everything they had to offer. They came down to see me a bunch in the last year and they even had their head coach (Paul Rhoads)come to see one of my games which really meant a lot. They feel I can become an impact player for their offense so I'm really excited to play for them.

Cyclone Sports Report: How important was your visit back in November?

Shontrelle Johnson: I had a great time and the whole time I was there I felt a sense of home and everyone was just good, genuine people. I also got along with all the players which was also a big factor.

Cyclone Sports Report: Iowa State has a lot of players from the state of Florida. Was that a big factor for you?

Shontrelle Johnson: Yeah, they have a group of them that call themselves the Florida Boys and they showed me a lot of love. I got to hang out with them a lot and they all welcomed me right in from the start.

Cyclone Sports Report: What is your relationship like with Coach Rhoads?

Shontrelle Johnson: Coach Rhoads and I got a good bond going and on my visit I got to spend a lot of time with him and we really hit it off. He really feels that I'll be a big playmaker for their offense and he showed that to me by taking the time to come down to see my playoff game.

Cyclone Sports Report: What does he like most about your game?

Shontrelle Johnson: He told me that he feels that I'm a quick scatback that can make people miss which will fit perfectly into their spread offense.

Cyclone Sports Report: Iowa State only won two game a year ago. How impressed are you with what Coach Rhoads did in just one year of leading the program?

Shontrelle Johnson: He has got this program on a tremendous turnaround and he's just a good guy and is doing a great job of recruiting a lot of talent. He's got a great plan and he is putting it into action.

Cyclone Sports Report: What were the other main schools that you were looking at before deciding to commit to Iowa State?

Shontrelle Johnson: Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Kentucky, Memphis, Vanderbilt, and USF. Recommended Stories