Dykstra and Iowa State Part Ways

Dykstra and Iowa State Part Ways

After talking with Iowa State head coach Greg McDermott early this morning, 2010 recruit Jordan Dykstra decided to de-commit and move in another direction.

Jordan e-mailed this statement to Cyclone Sports Report so that Iowa State fans would have a better understanding of how he came to this decision.

After much time spent thinking about my future, and in discussions with my family and coaches, I have decided to de-commit from my verbal agreement with the Iowa State basketball program. I have great respect for Coach McDermott, Coach Rutter, the entire staff, and the Cyclone fans, but I don't feel that playing at Iowa State would be the best fit for me. I feel we are parting ways on good terms, and I wish them the best. I know they will continue to improve and build the Iowa State program into a force in the Big 12.

I have made this decision for several reasons. The main reason is this. I feel that for me to be successful in the Big 12, I would have to focus all my time in high school on basketball. That would mean giving up many activities in high school that I really enjoy. I am not willing to do that to myself, or to my friends, coaches and instructors. Rock Valley is a smaller school and it takes people being involved in many activities for us to be successful. I love basketball, but I want to have more in life than just that.

As far as my future plans, I am not sure what will happen. I have not had much contact from colleges about basketball since I made my verbal commitment, so I hope there are some schools that will be interested in me. Some schools have talked to my football coach about me playing college football, so that might be an option. I have talked with my teammate Marcus Heemstra about playing together in college. We have been playing together since 4th grade, so we thought that would be great too.

I know many people will question this decision, but I feel this is the right decision for me. I hope for your continued support and understanding.

Thank you.

Jordan Dykstra

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