Q-a-Day: Which Is Greater?

Q-a-Day: Which Is Greater?

Which will be greater by the time the final whistle blows Dec. 6 against TCU: Iowa State's win total or the number of its starting quarterback?

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Gosh, this is SUCH a good question.

I'm going to scratch "during" and assume you mean by the end of the regular season.

I'm tempted to hedge, with Sam Richardson (12) and even Joel Lanning (7) options at the position, and the history under Paul Rhoads suggesting that redshirt frosh QBs get their chance at the tail end of the season.

But … I think Grant Rohach will open the season as the starter and I don't get the impression the Cyclones want to play musical chairs again at the position, so unless he's horrible or injured, my best bet is that he wraps the 2014 campaign as the starter. Rohach is No. 3 and I think Iowa State's win column will eclipse that mark.

So, to answer your question properly: Iowa State's wins will be greater than the number of its starting quarterback by the time the final whistle blows Dec. 6 in Fort Worth.

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