Sam Richardson Q&A

Sam Richardson Q&A

"Focusing on the reps rather than trying to be perfect on the practice field definitely is beneficial"

AllCyclones grabbed Iowa State quarterback Wednesday evening after practice for a brief one-on-one interview. Below is the transcription:

AllCyclones: I've gotta ask, how's the ankle?

Sam Richardson: "It's doing a lot better — pretty sore Sunday and at Tuesday's practice it was sore but it felt better today."

AC:You took some shots at the end of the Texas game that had you getting up slowly.

SR:"It's just weird how it happens sometimes, you feel like there's someone either underneath me or I'm stumbling on them."

AC:You did a lot of damage with your feet against Texas when they over-rushed their lanes. Tech has done a better job of containing that, right?

SR:"We knew we were gonna get that with Texas. They've struggled containing the quarterback a little bit and Tech is a little bit different, they don't play man like Texas does so it's a different defense."

AC:They move around a lot before the snap, like Tulsa.

SR:"You've just got to know their looks, what they're doing. They give stuff away so you've got to study the film and know the looks they'll give."

AC:Do you feel you've established yourself as the QB of the future here, this season and then the next two?

SR:"That's definitely what I want. I've just got to keep playing constantly, continuing to improve and win some games."

AC:What does a quarterback controversy, like the last two seasons, do to a team?

SR:"It kind of keeps them in question, it's just really trying to figure out who the guy's going to be. It does bring out the competition of the two guys and bring out the better of the two. Other than that, it's nice to have a steady guy back there, I'm sure from their perspective. I've definitely enjoyed knowing I'm going to be out there on Saturdays."

AC:Now that you don't have to look over your shoulder, does that give you more of an opportunity to improve?

SR:"Focusing on the reps rather than trying to be perfect on the practice field definitely is beneficial." Recommended Stories

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